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Thanks, that information is what I was looking for. I had a thought last night that maybe there were 5 X10 addresses defined (5 Virtual Inputs) and the 5 Group Broadcast messages were related to that number somehow. Getting 5 Group Broadcast messages each time, in one case where you have 8 X10 addresses defined and in the other you have 1 X10 address defined, it means it is unrelated to the number of Virtual Inputs (X10 addresses) or the number of link records defined (9 link records). The number 5 does not match anything that the EZX10RF is aware of. Also there would be no logic in the EZX10RF to retry a Group Broadcast message due to a NAK being received from some device as that message is not directed to any specific device. It was a straw. If there were 5 Group Cleanup Direct messages along with the 5 Group Broadcast messages I might think firmware in the EZX10RF itself but that seems unlikely when it is only the first message in the sequence that is being repeated. The only program I am aware of that displays the actual Virtual Input information is the SHN Utility Suite itself. Hoped the ISY might have that ability also but it does not look like it. All the link records point to the ISY PLM except 1. Group 4 has two links, the second link points to device 0E.00.66. I have run out of things to check. Unless you have another thought it seems like another RMA is the only thing left. You can always program around this by triggering only on the Group Cleanup Direct, ignoring the Group Broadcast messages altogether.