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Thanks for the information and the traces. They basically show the same thing, a series of 5 Group Broadcasts followed by a single Group Cleanup Direct. The one trace that is different is the one where a single Group Broadcast and Group Cleanup Direct come from the KeypadLinc. It sure looks like the EZX10RF device is in question. No other Insteon devices present this sequence and multiple X10 wireless devices produce the same result. You have an external Smarthome PLM that connects the ISY to the powerline for Insteon command flow. The line of Simplehomenet products are built around an internal PLM, also manufactured by Smarthome. The SHN products are built on a Daughter board that fits inside a standard Smarthome device shell along with the internal PLM. The internal PLM does all the actual powerline communication, just as it does with the external PLM and the ISY device. It is the PLM that has the Insteon address burned into the device. The close proximity of Insteon addresses suggests they are probably the same revision of PLM. SHN has a free software package on their Downloads web section that displays the revision level of the EZX10RF Daughter board. This software requires a PLC (not PLM) or an EZSrve/EZBridge to communicate through to access the EZX10RF device.