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The Action/Condition screens are correct as far as the hex values entered. If you are asking about the linking process the Motion Sensor Quick Start Guide or the Motion Sensor User Guide should detail how to link the Motion Sensor to a responder. Conceptually you will press some button on the Motion Sensor for some number of seconds to put it into Controller linking mode and then press the SET button on the EZSrve for it to respond as the responder. I don’t have a Motion Sensor so I cannot describe the process from firsthand experience. Every Smarthome device I have received comes with a Quick Start Guide that describes the linking process but the process can have unique details specific to the device involved. The User Guide for each device normally goes into more detail about linking/unlinking than the Quick Start Guide but the Quick Start Guides usually has enough information to create a basic link with a responder.


The need to link a controller to a responder is not unique to EZSrve. When you press a SwitchLinc paddle, a KPL button, and so on, the Insteon device sends a Group message sequence. This Group sequence consists of a Group Broadcast message followed by a Group Cleanup Direct message. It is this second message that is sent to a specific responder device Insteon address. This address is supplied to the controller when a responder is linked to the controller. Without this link most Insteon devices will not issue any messages when a paddle or KPL button is pressed, or in this case when motion is sensed. For the EZSrve to receive a Group message sequence it must be linked as a responder to whatever controller is being used. To trigger an Action with a SwitchLinc paddle press, a KPL button press, or motion there must be a link from the respective controller to the EZSrve as a responder. The motion sensor is unique only in the fact that it does not support Peek/Poke commands and therefore normal I1 link record write techniques cannot be used.