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The hex code for the Smarthome Motion Sensor indicating motion is 1101. The 0x11 is an Insteon ON command, the 0x01 is Group 01. The Motion Sensor uses Group 1 for motion sensed, Group 2 for dusk/dawn, and Group 3 for Low Battery.

1101 – Motion detected
1301 – Motion no longer detected
1102 – dusk
1302 – dawn
1103 – low battery

These codes are also used for other devices. A SwitchLinc, ICON switch, ToggleLinc use Group 1 On/Off.

1101 – On paddle/toggle pressed
1301 – Off paddle/toggle pressed

For a KeypadLinc the same convention is used, just more Groups.

1101 – Button Main (A) (ON for 6 button KPL) pressed ON (LED and load if connected) turns On
1301 = same button turns Off (OFF for 6 button KPL)
1102 – Button B pressed ON for KPL in 8 button mode (LED turns On)
1102 – same button turns Off
1103 – Button C pressed ON for KPL in 8 button mode (Button A in 6 button mode) (LED turns On)
1303 – same button turns Off

Buttons D-H use group numbers 04-08 for 8 button KPL. Buttons B-D use group numbers 04-06 for a 6 button KPL.