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Without specifc information on the command exchange I have no place to start from a technical point of view. There could be something wrong with the commands being used. The commands could be correct but the device has been explicitly locked out to further valve changes. Or all commands and conditions are correct and the device is not responding according to specs. Not possible to reach any positive conclusion without the detail specifics. You have provided good external information but that information does not lead to a conclusion. The valves may be controlled with Group commands or they may be controlled with Direct commands, and I guess even a mixture of both. You can try things like swap the plug locations and see if that makes any difference. Or swap the devices versus the valves they control. Use device A to control the valves device B is using and use device B to control the valves device A is now controlling. Basically putting device A physically and logically in place of device B and vice versa. If the problem follows the device, working from a different power location with a different set of values, then it would look like the device. If the problem stays with the power source and valves but using a different device, then the problem is elsewhere. I am sure diagnosing things by the process of elimination is not what you wanted to hear but I don’t have any other suggestion if the control software is unable to provide the detail information on actual commands issued and actual responses.