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They are both plugged into the same home electrical circuit though they are wired to different valves (of course).

I was hoping that based on the redundancy in the transmission/receipt of control messages there was a no-brain solution.

I don’t see a way to get lower level trace info. Given that they are both recognized automagically as the same type device I expect that manually triggering on would result in the same message exchange between the controller software and the EZFlora.

The only difference I can see between them is that the reliable one runs firmware 2.3 and the unreliable one runs 2.4 (yep the newer one is the unreliable one). I use a powerlink 2414 USB if that matters…

FWIW I have two of these things and one has been consistent for ever and the other needs to be unplugged frequently to get it to continue to activate the valves though it always responds to Insteon commands.

Any suggestions?