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Grif, thanks again for the help. I physically reset the device and can now control it from the utility. I probably should have tried that yesterday, I just didn’t want to crawl to the back of the shed to do it…

But, I’m now trying to set up a scene to control it from the EZServe (v1.60, I’m done playing with betas for a while…).
I set the EZServe as a controller and the EZIO8T as the responder with:
LD1: 00 LD2: 00 LD3:02
to turn on output 3.

When I try to turn on the scene from the device control screen, nothing happens and I see this command sent from the utility:
flags:23 cmd1:26 cmd2:18

That didn’t sound quite right.

I thought that LD1 corresponded with cmd1, and so on, so that I could set my scene like this:
LD1: 45 LD2: 02 LD3:00

This should turn on output 3. But, no luck there either.

I’m giving up for the night, but I’ll try and pick up tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your help, grif!