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Let me join the chorus of users stymied by how to set up simple sunset to sunrise timers after reading the provided download documentation (but before searching out the answers on this forum). I suggest either adding a new “simple timers” menu, or at minimum adding explicit examples in the documentation.

I also think it would be beneficial to mention how to initiate Scenes with timers, which is useful if you have more than 5 devices to action with one event.
In my case I had set up two Scenes in v1.6: NightLightsON and NightLightsOFF. The fact that you must set the attribute status to FF to initiate both a NightLightsON and NightLightsOFF scene is not documented from what I could find.

In actuality I had only 5 devices in each scene so I did not set up scenes under v2.0 and just used the 5 provided affects.
Does it provide more reliable operation to initiate multiple devices from a scene, or to have 5 sequential effect (Insteon commands) issued?