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Continuing with my trouble with timers… I want to set up my sprinkler timers again, using my ezflora. I just want to be able to run program 1 a couple times a week.

According to the ezserve doc, I need to send LD2:00, LD3:08 to enable program 1.
Also according to the doc:

To enter a custom command, first select the
first entry in the menu (“Enter Command”), then press the delete key in your keyboard.

I don’t see anything saying “Enter Command”. When I select the ezflora device, my only two attribute options are “status” and “config”. The value field will only let me type 2 digits, no matter how I’ve tried hitting delete. I’ve tried just entering “08” in the value for both config and status, but neither enable the ezflora. I forgot to have the SHN utility running to see what commands it actually sent (if the beta will do that).

So, am I missing something obvious? This sounds like about the simplest thing to do, but it’s totally escaping me.

Thanks again guys,