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Can someone help me understand how the “SunsetToSunrise” option means on the condition menu? I’ve got some landscape lights hooked up to an appliancelinc that I’d like to turn at (or around) sunset and turn off by sunrise. I saw this option, and thought it a great idea, because I wouldn’t have to set up 2 events like in the past.

So, I set up the condition to be “SunsetToSunrise”, I don’t select any device on this screen, leave the offset and start time at zero, and check every weekday. (BTW, and “hit this to check all days” would be nice…)

On the action screen I pick my path lights with a status of “FF”, and also my outdoor spot lights with the same status.

So, over the last couple nights, it’ll turn on the lights, but not turn them off.

Does “SunsetToSunrise” mean it’ll issue the “FF” status command at both sunset and sunrise? Or is there another way to get this single action to turn off the lights at sunrise? Any guesses?