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Wow… 2.0 made the timers a bit more complicated. I think I at least figured out that an Insteon device attribute value of 0 = OFF and FF = ON.

I have four ToggleLinc Relays, two LampLinc V2s and two Venstar Thermostats. I wanted to create a timer that turns on my front lights (on a ToggleLinc Relay) and my downstairs livingroom lamp (on a LampLinc).

Here’s how I set it

Condition 1
Logic: AND
Device: OutsideFront (togglelinc) Attribute: status Value: 00
At Time: Absolute = Start Time: 22:30:00 Offset Time: 00:00:00
Monday – Friday

Which to me means “if the outside front switch is OFF at 10:30PM on weekday nights”

Then Effect 1 is
Device: OutsideFront Attribute: Status Value: FF Delay: 00:00:00
And I added Effect 2 –
Device: LivingroomLamp Attribute: Status Value: FF Delay: 00:30:00

Which means to me “turn on the OutsideFront immediately if Condition 1 is met” and “turn on the Livingroom Lamp 30 minutes later”

Meaning, at 10:30PM on weeknights, if the outside front lights are off, they will turn on.


Where can I get a list of the status codes for the Venstar Thermostats? I would really like to set up a schedule for the two thermostats I have.