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Joe, some bad news. The X10 two action trigger fix has been removed because it caused another problem. The 02.00.55 image that will be posted soon does not have the fix for your problem. Until the problem is resolved one thing you can do now is create a Scene with EZSrve as the controller and the three devices you are turning off as responders. Then turn the Scene Off as Effect 4 with the other Scene. You should disable the Action that is currently turning off those three devices if you decide to go that way so there is only 1 Action with the X10G02 Condition. Simplehome mentioned that the Flex client, the Flash based client, has the ability to define 6 Effects so you could move the 3 Off Effects to the other Action when the Flex client is released. This is a few days away so it depends on how soon you want your scenario to work.