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The V2 Actions is a merge of the Macro and Timer functions found in V1. Things you could do in V1 Macros and V1 Timers can be done in V2 Actions along with the addition of having multiple Conditions Anded/Ored together to form a complex trigger and multiple Effects where more than one device can be controlled from a single Action.

A post earlier in this topic by Simplehome describes the specific steps to define an Action and its associated Condition(s). For a Timer equivalent in V2, define a new Actions and a Condition with an At Time: of Sunset to turn on at dusk. The Actions Effect 1: will be the X10 Device that represents your G2 outside light. The Attribute: is Status with a Value: 2 to turn On an X10 device. Another new Actions definition with a Condition with an At Time: Absolute = Start Time: 23 59 59 and a Value: 3 will turn the X10 device Off at midnight. The same X10 device would be entered in the second Actions Effect 1:. The screen captures in the second post of this topic show an X10 device as Effect 3: being turned On by the first Actions and turned Off by the second Actions.