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Below is a simple summary of the process to build Actions as it will appear in the guide for EZSrve 2.0:
1. Select “Add New Action” to appear in the “Actions” dropdown list.
2. Give a name to the action by typing in the “Action Name” slot (do not press “Save” yet).
3. Select a Condition (1-5) by pressing on the corresponding triangle. At least one condition must be established first before the Action.
4. Provide input into the various fields in the Condition screen and press “Save”. Note at this point on the Condition screen, the “Action Name” will still read “Add New Action”.
5. Once the condition is saved, press the “Back” button and note the “Action Name” shows the name it was given, but also note it is not yet saved.
6. Next, set-up the desired Effects to happen once the Condition occurs.
7. Check mark the conditions to be enabled and check mark “Action is Enabled” and press “Save” which saves the entire action just created.
8. Checking and unchecking the different conditions to occur and “Save” modifies the Action, and checking/unchecking the “Action is Enabled” box and “Save” enables or disables the entire action.