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I think I did misunderstand. I thought you were trying to turn On/Off the X10 device with an Action Effect. From your last post it looks like you are trying to define a Condition that triggers an Action when X10 B16 On is received, with the Effect to turn On an Insteon SwitchLinc device FR TV Power. I’ll set up that configuration and see what I get. The screen capture examples above to turn On/Off an X10 device with the 2/3 values are correct for an Effect. Those screen captures are taken from working Actions. I don’t have any Actions that have a Condition triggered by X10 but will code one to test with.

The EZBridge/EZSrve XML Samples is based on the V1 XML. The download did not work for me either which may indicate the files are being updated. The EZSrve XML API is the original V2 document which reflects the early thinking of the way the V2 XML API would work. The V2 XML has evolved over the last several months, making this document back level for several of the API calls.

The EZBridge Reference document that contains the X10 command reference table appears to have been withdrawn. The X10 command values are not unique EZBridge/EZSrve. They are documented in various X10 documents on the web. I can post other values if you need them.

SHN is working on an updated set of documentation for V2. I don’t have any estimate when they will be available.

I will post back as soon as I have the results of the X10 Condition tests.