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I appreciate your feedback grif091, but I must be missing something.

If I understand the values you are suggestion, they are as follows:
Device ON OFF
Insteon FF 0
X10 2 3

I added two devices, one is a SwitchLink Insteaon, I set it up calling it FR TV Power (for Family Room TV Power)
The second device is an X10 device called B-16 TV Power

I then added the Action calling it FR TV ON:
Effect 1: FR TV Power
Attribute: Status
Value: FF

I checked Condition 1:
Device: B-16 TV Power
Attribute: Status
Attribute Value: 2

I clicked SAVE, followed by the back button, then SAVE for the Action. Unfortunately no success. If I change the actions to Attribute X10, and the value of 0, it will respond when I send both X10 B-16 ON and OFF. I tried X10, with the value of 2 and no response.

BTW, the EZBridge Reference document for “EZBridge/ EZSrve XML Samples” dated 1/31/08 is listed under the Servers and Controllers, but the download icon doesn’t currently function. I thought I’d take a look at the document to see if it offered suggestions.