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Are there any docs which discuss the EXACT xml representation once connected to socket?

Should I expect to see multiple root elems (I think so)…should I expect to see an xml element before every response or event?

Will insteon batch send all past events (within window) once client reconnects? My security system (Caddx) does this…but perhaps Insteon events aren’t considered as critical…although events from motion detectors could be.

Tonight I will test whether individual getState calls work better than LstDevices. I guess I can broadcast for an ezserve…then use LstDevices to ‘discover’ rest…then invoke individual getState on each. LstDevices w/be cool as I can auto-gen much of metadata in my solution….less data entry.

Will new firmware fix problem of events being sent to clients that are connected only for purposes of sending a req and expecting a resp? If not…then my message writer will have to handle these unexpected events in stream and pass them to eventReader for processing after messageWriter is completed.

Thanks for all your help grif.