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According to the specification sheet the + indicates a lead free package, the overall specs look the same.

The EZIO8SA 1-wire J3 connector is an RJ12 connector. An RJ12 will accept a 4 wire RJ11 or a 6 wire RJ12 plug. The label on the EZIO8SA shows the J3 pin layout for the first 4 pins; 1 5V, 2 Gnd, 3 Signal, 4 Gnd. The EZIO8SA Quick Start Guide J3 diagram shows all 6 pins; 1 5V, 2 Gnd, 3 Signal, 4 Gnd, 5 no connection, 6 GND.

If using a 4 wire RJ11 plug you do not have access to Pin 1 or Pin 6.

It has been several months since I connected the temp sensor but from memory if using an RJ11 you must connect the sensor in parasite mode as you would not have access to pin 1 5V. If you want to connect the sensor to 5V you will need an RJ12 where you have a connection to pin 1.

If your findings are otherwise post back and I will get the sensor back on the test bench. It is not in a location where I can test the various pin voltages.