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My EZSnsRF is a few years old with no problems you describe. I am not running a Mac with Indigo. If the EZSnsRF was flooding the powerline with messages either because of a problem with the device or the motion sensor was sending continuous motion signals as was theorized on the Indigo forum I would have expected to see several MD events in the log which were not there. Also the LED on the PLC would be flashing as it detected Insteon traffic. The thing about MD events is they are async to anything else going on. Certainly multiple folks can turn on different switches at the same time but that event does not happen very often and the Insteon architecture aborts a Group sequence if another is detected. With an MD event you cannot predict what the host was doing when the async event was detected so there is a greater chance of stressing something do to timing that otherwise might not ever happen with Insteon switch use . Do you have the log from several minutes before the lose of USB communication to see what was happening leading up to the inability of Indigo to talk to the PLC?.