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I finally figured out what I had done with my V2 system and now see that there is no EZSnsRF device entry yet in V2. The device types are closely tied to the information in the DevClusters.xml file (new to V2). It looks like the DevClusters file does not yet have a definition for an EZSnsRF. The RemoteLinc should give you access to the Status attribute and trigger off whatever group number you want to use.

I would add a second or two for multiple Events. I really depends on what they are. For a Group that has multiple responders there are multiple Insteon commands that have to go out on the powerline and be ACKed. Probably a good idea to allow a little more time for those. A single Direct command to a device is quick but V2 does a query of the device to check it’s On/Off status which could be interfered with if another Event was to follow too quickly. You can try it with no delay but if there are any problems then add a couple of seconds delay.