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That is not the correct device type. The fact that there are no attributes in the pulldown indicates the wrong device type. Unfortunately my V2 system has a glitch so I cannot say with certainty which type you should be using. When you have the correct type there will be a Status entry in the pulldown that should be selected. An Attribute Value of 1301 is for a Group 1 Off being received from the device. The 0x13 is for an Off command and the 0x01 is for Group 1. If there is no entry for the EZSnsRF, (I think there was an extra character in there somewhere on V1) you can temporarily define it as a RemoteLinc which will give you a Status entry in the pulldown.

Be sure you have uploaded the DevClusters.xml file that applies to the image you are running. The.zip file which includes the image.bin has the DevClusters.xml file for that image. The Java Discovery tool does not upload the DevClusters.xml file. After uploading the DevClusters.xml file be sure to do a Restart (not Reset).

EDIT: if you do decide to try a different device type, you will have to delect the device entry. Select NO when it asks if the device is available so that nothing is done with the links in the device. When you readd the device the links will be read again.