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There is a DevClusters xml file that is part of the download and is required to run V2. It is not automatically loaded by the Java application.

There is a significant difference in the xml file layouts between V1 and v2. Trying to construct a V2 file based on a V1 starting point would be practically impossible.

You can add a device without resetting it but two things to consider. V1 in some cases wrote dummy placeholder link records which could make adding a non-reset device a long process as the place holder link records are retrieved looking for an End Of List record. This can be resolved by doing a SYNCH DEVICE from V2 after the device has been added to V2. Secondly, the scene definitions in the xml that the link records may represent will not be automatically redefined in the V2 xml. If there were no EZSrve scenes in the devices then nothing would be lost.