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I’m sorry but I am having a problem following the link failure. You have an ICON Relay A as the controller and ICON Relay B as the responder. The “Controller of” link record in ICON Relay A has an LDx string of 00,00,00. You did not mention, or I misunderstood, what the LDx values in the “Responder to” link record in ICON Relay B. Normally this would be specified as something like FF,1F,00 in ICON Relay B as the responder which indicates full bright (0xFF), fastest ramp rate (0x1f), output unit 0 (0x00). Without knowing what was actually in responder ICON Relay B link record I don’t know if ICON Relay A would be able to turn On ICON Relay B. It is the LDx data in the “Responder to” link record in ICON Relay B that is used when ICON Relay A as the controller directs ICON Relay B to turn On. If the LDx string for ICON Relay B was specified as 00,00,00 then controller ICON Relay A could not turn On responder ICON Relay B because the bright level of 0x00 would have the effect of turning an On command received at ICON Relay B into an Off operation.

An LDx string of 00,00,00 in the controller ICON Relay A “controller of” link record should be fine as the hardware does not use the LDx string from the controller device, ICON Relay A. When a link is established with the hardware Set button technique the LDx string in the controller device (ICON Relay A in the case) often has the Device Category, Subcategory of the responder device but it is not used by the controller device. Only the LDx string in the responder device (ICON Relay B in this case) has an operational effect.

Can you repeat what LDx values you specified for the responder device when the Scene was defined to EZSrve and what was actually written in the link records, if you know.

As far as controlling the ICON switches from EZSrve, “Direct” commands are used which do not use anything in the link database of either device. Only when ICON Relay A paddle is pressed to control ICON Relay B are “Group” commands used which do use the LDx values in the responder device link record in ICON Relay B.

I have not yet been able to recreate a hangup defining Devices but I have not left multiple IE sessions running over night. What are you doing from multiple IE sessions logged into EZSrve?