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Thanks, grif091, re-provisioning the devices from EZServe did improve the speed of adding-removing links noticeably, it is a useful tip, I will have to do it for all devices eventually, even though it did not help the web interface issue. It stopped working again, I did not do anything, just left 3 IE windows with EZServe inteface open overnight. Reset to port 8002 helped as usual.
I do have another issue to report – I was creating a simple scene, 1 controller (IconOnOff), 1 responder (IconOnOff) and controller link was created with 00-00-00 attributes. It did not work until I recreated links by exporting, editing to have FE-1F-00, re-importing xml and updating the controller device. Now my scene works in reality until I modify it in EZServe, after which I get 00-00-00 again, it is repeatable. Both ICONs can be conrolled from EZServe w/o problems, so it is most likely not a connectivity issue.