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Thanks, I’ll see if I can recreate using Devices. Some of the V1 images wrote a large number of empty link records when writing Device link records. It had no impact on device performance because of the speed of the processor in each device but when reading a link database when a device is added to EZSrve could take several minutes while EZSrve reads those empty link records 1 byte at a time until an EOL entry is found. SHN recommended resetting the devices before moving to V2 but of course that means recreating the Scenes from scratch. After you get the devices added and the V2 xml updated with the active link information you can hardware reset the device and use SYNCH DEVICE to rewrite the active link records back to the device under V2. That will eliminate any empty link records should it be necessary to add the device again.

Thanks again for the diagnostic information. I’ll let you know what I find.