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Sorry if mine was not humorous, it was meant to be. I ran with the Beta+ and am running with Beta+1. I found an X10 problem with the Beta+ which SHN fixed very quickly (which is why I thought they would release another Beta+ image quickly). The first user to try Beta+ (at least the first to post back results) was using FireFox 3.0.8 which was causing xml file upload problems. When he tried to go back to 1.60 (something which SHN had test successfully) the image did not get uploaded correctly. Shortly after that Simplehome posted information that IE should be used and DHCP (rather than a static IP) should be used for uploads. I assume they were from the results of analyzing the upload of 1.60 from a Beta+ environment.

Anyway, I think SHN is testing the various combinations to be sure there are no image upload problems with the next Beta+ image. We will just have to wait for that event to happen. Has given me time to do much needed yard work.