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Just to confirm, you followed the procedure Paul posted. Unplugging module, then after restoring power for 3-4 seconds, pressed the Reset button in the pin hole (not the Set button near the LED) for 15 seconds and after 3-4 minutes the EZServ still not enter DHCP mode and acquire an IP address from the router.

Will you be able to use IE to do the xml file upload after the EZSrve is back in working order?

There is procedure to load the EZSrve image using a TFTP server from SolarWinds (free download). I’ll have to go back through some old emais to see if I still have that information. During V1 testing long ago I got an image that was bad which also prevented the next image upload process from working to go to a good image. There is nothing wrong with either the Beta image or 1.60 but something may have happened during the 1.60 image upload. This process uses the upload capability built into the hardware processor. It requires setting the PC to a specific IP address that the processor was burned in to use and some other things I don’t immediately remember. After doing Paul’s reset procedure see if the router shows the EZSrve with an unfamiliar IP address.

EDIT: Just saw Simplehome post. The TFTP procedure is what I was referring to. Probably best to get that procedure from SHN. As I mentioned in the previous post I have gone from V2 back to V1 (1.60) and then back to V2 with no problem which suggests something happened during the 1.60 upload rather than the process cannot be done.

That is good news about the EZFlora support. Not having the DevClusters.xml file makes sense.