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Oops. Sorry, I was sitting on your next to last post while trying the various Upload File tests and uploading a new FireFox so I did not see your last post until just now. I did successfully go back to a V1 image from a V2 image several months ago when the 1.60 image was being tested. There was a problem that I had pretty frequently on a test version of 1.60 that development could not recreate so I loaded up 1.60.x on my EZBridge setup I was using for V2 testing because it had a later version of the PLM than my EZSrve (which turned out to make no difference). Development was able to remotely connect to my EZBridge and find the issue running 1.60.x. Once that fix for 1.60 had been tested I reloaded a V2 image.

Sounds like there was a problem loading 1.60. Try unplugging the EZSrve for a few minutes and see what happens from a complete power up.