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The DevCluster should be in the list of files. Did you Restart after uploading the DevCluster.xml file? Also, was the upload successful message displayed after the DevCluster upload. I think there are still some issues with the directory structures that can be uploaded from. The comment about the Browse button, when you click on Browse where is the “t” displayed? I think the Browse button invokes the standard Microsoft browse dialog. I suspect the HTML interface access to the EZFlora configuration is not active on V2 at this point. For the same reason the SHN Utility is not supported yet. Not absolutely sure about this. The new Adobe Flash graphical interface should have all the configuration support when it comes online.

Having to Save a new Area name before devices can be added is the same way V1 works. What do you get when you try to add the EZUIRT?

EDIT: I see the issue with the EZUIRT, it is not listed as one of the supported devices. Good catch!

We will need input from Simplehome about the EZFlora configuration support from the HTML interface.