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Thanks for posting the Beta, it’ll be a good excuse for me to mess around with my system…

Quick observations so far:
– Screens seem to open much faster now.
– On the Server Configuration screen, “Browse Files” just shows up as “t”.
– I uploaded the DevClusters file, but I don’t see it when I browse files. Should I?
– I tried to set an EZFlora program, but I don’t think hitting “Write” saved it. When I later “Get Data”, the values are all 0’s — not what I entered.
– The EZIO8T is there now (yay!), but the configure button doesn’t do anything, nor does the “More” button from the Device Control screen.
– When creating a new area, I had to save the empty area before adding anything to it. Not a huge deal, just a little weird.
– Can’t add an EZUIRT.

I’ll post more as I play around… My biggest complaint so far is the EZFlora programming — I used to always just do it in the SHN Utility, but that’s not compatible with 2.0 now…