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The telnet trace contains detailed information about the internal processing of the EZSrve. It will show if the Group command is received from the RemoteLinc and what Action Effects occur as a result.

If you have the SHN Utility (free download) installed on the PC you can accomplish the same thing using that program. Most of the SHN Utility 1.81 will not function on a V2 image but the Control tab under EZServe/EZBridge does work. When you connect to the EZSrve the lower left message will NOT be updated with the revision level but the lower right message will say connected.
From the Control tab “Data to send” window enter command below and click on Send XML. Then press RemoteLinc button 3.

The lower “Data received” window show something like the following which starts with the Group Broadcast, followed by a Group Cleanup Direct (both from the RemoteLinc to the EZSrve). Then the X10 On followed by the X10 Off after the delay. This trace will show if the Group messages are being sent/received and what EZSrve does in response.

Group Broadcast

Group Cleanup Direct

X10 On sequence

X10 Off sequence

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