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The screen capture labeled Condition 2 is for Condition 1. Since the 2 Conditions are ORed Condition 1 should cause the Action to trigger and run both Effects. There is no relationship of Condition 2 to Effect 2. The Conditions, ANDed or ORed define what will cause the Action to trigger. Once triggered, all defined Effects should occur. The blinking LED on the EZSrve does not mean that it reacted to the command from the RemoteLinc, only that it saw a command on the powerline. Did you wake up the RemoteLinc prior to changing the Scene? the LD1/2/3 values are fine.

Can you run telnet on the Mac? If so these are the telnet commands I execute on a PC to trace the EZSrve activity. The log file path and file name is arbitrary. The IP address would be that of your EZServe. Simplehomenet is the default password which should be adjusted if you changed the EZServe password.

set logfile c:temptelnet.txt
open 10001

at this point the EZServe should prompt for the normal login values