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Still no Joy. I deleted the old scene and created a new one. The RemoteLinc was changed to Unit 03 to represent the 3rd Key. On the responders it was wanting values so I used 100% in the LD1 for on, used .1 seconds for as fast as possible and LD3 set to 03 for button 3


I got cockie, to the actions I added effect 2 with condition 2 to facilitate the off switch.


Condition 1 setup for turning on with 1103


Then feeling brave Condition 2 for turning off with 1303


The RemoteLinc is communicating with the EZSrve when I hit the 3 button both on and off the LED on the EZSrve flash but it does not engage the X10 module. I varied that the EZSrve can talk to the X10 module manually and it can. Am I missing something with the LD1, LD2, LD3 commands?