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I have yet to see the logic in any of this. Once I see it, I will be able to work with it but now I’m just lost. I followed your example, I was able to create the G_RemoteLinc device and I used Button 3 to link and it saved. Here is my Action page. I don’t understand what the Value is so I used 2 as you had done. WK Bench Light is a X10 appliance module set at E01 which the EZSrev is able to control. Set the attribute to Status as in your example but it did give me an X10 command option.

Here is the condition page setup as in your example. I’m assuming that if I get this to work at any point in time I would need to set up another action 1303 to turn the X10 module off.

So I’m thinking this should, the way it is set up turn on the X10 module. It doesn’t.

Here is the scene I set up


Does the value in the first picture have something to do with the scene? I am new to this, thank you very much for your help.