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The HTML interface I referred to is the EZSrve HTML interface. Not the stand alone SHN Utility. The HTML interface is what existed in V1 and continues to be available in V2. Type in the EZSrve IP address into the browser and you should get an HTML based login screen. I’m pretty sure you will be able to define the Action using the Harmony client once you add the RemoteLinc device to EZSrve.

Sounds like you did not add the RemoteLinc device to EZSrve if it does not appear in the device pulldown list. Linking the RemoteLinc to the EZSrve with the Set button makes it known to the internal PLM but does not result in the device being added to the devices known to EZSrve. From the initial Harmony screen left click on the upper left corner Icon which should display two options, one to add new Areas and one to add new Devices. Remember to put the RemoteLinc into linking mode (awake) so EZSrve will be able to talk to the device while it is being added.

The V1 Timers and Macros functions have been merged and significantly enhanced as Actions in V2.