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You need to add the RemoteLinc to EZSrve. Click on EZSrve Device Addition ICON on left side of screen (blue flood lights). On the Device Management screen, select Add New Device, enter a device name (I used DRemoteLinc), enter the RemoteLinc device ID: (located in the battery compartment under the batteries), and device Type: RemoteLinc. Click on Save. When the question is asked “Would you like to create an Insteon link?”, click on No.

Now that the RemoteLinc device has been added to EZSrve you should be able to go to Macros, the RemoteLinc device will be in the pulldown list of the If Device: field. Select the RemoteLinc device. From the Does: field pulldown, select Enter Command. Enter Command is now in the Does: input field. Click on keyboard Delete key to clear words Enter Command from Does: input field. Now you can type 1103 to define a Macro that will trigger from a button 3 ON press.