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I just linked my RemoteLinc button 5 to my EZSrve. Then defined two macros, one that turns on an ICON switch when button 5 ON is pressed and a second that turns the same ICON switch OFF when button 5 OFF is pressed.

Put the desired RemoteLinc button into linking mode by holding the ON button paddle for approx 10 seconds. The RemoteLinc will beep and the LED will flash when it enters linking mode. Now press and hold the Set button on the EZSrve until the LED on the RemoteLinc turns off, approx 10 seconds. The RemoteLinc button x is now linked to EZSrve. The RemoteLinc will time out to save battery life so this process should be done immediately.

The Macro definition requires the use of two hex digits in the

If Device: DRemoteLinc Does: 1105 for the button 5 ON
If Device: DRemoteLinc Does: 1305 for the button 5 OFF

The EZSrve Operating Guide in the Downloads section describes the sequence for entering the 1105/1305 values in the Does: field.