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The Smarthome site is http://www.smarthome.com. Go to the information on the 2412S (serial PLM), under the More Info tab is the comparison chart for PLM versus PLC function.


I saw the same information you referred to in your last post. I think that chart is wrong. The EZFlora was released long ago when none of the I1 devices used ED commands, did not repeat ED commands, and the application interface device, PLC, did not support ED commands. However, even if the EZFlora is returning an ED response to the SD 0x45 command, you would need a PLM (2412s) as the powerline interface to see it.

Although the Insteon 1 architecture does document the ED message, none of the original Insteon devices used them. It is only in the last few years that new Insteon devices have started to use ED messages. Now there are reliability issues with ED because the vast majority of installed Insteon devices do not repeat ED messages. The ED messages are not blocked, just not repeated by the older devices. Insteon devices repeating messages is one of the reasons Insteon has good reliability. Search the Smarthome forum for references to the HouseLinc2 software product running communications reliability tests for SD and ED messages. You will see that folks who have great SD reliability (practically 100%) have problems with ED messages because the older Insteon device install base does not support ED.

EDIT: the Smarthome HouseLinc2 software supports the PLM only (in fact a special HL2 enabled PLM only). You cannot run HL2 with a PLC.