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I’m getting the information about the ED responses to SD messages from http://www.simplehomenet.com/Downloads/EZRain Command Set.pdf. The description for the SD message “Get Sprinkler Timers Request” (0x45) says “EZFlora responds with an Extended-length Get Sprinkler Program Response message”. This documentation could be wrong but that would suprise me.

I suppose I could use the individual peek/poke commands to read and write the timers but since Simplehomenet went to all the trouble of making a special command to do it a whole bank at a time, I thought I would use it. BTW, I have rev 2.3 of the EZRain, perhaps the ED messages were implemented in a later version?

Can you give me the link to where you found the info about the PLC not supporting ED messages? That >really< suprises me!