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I have never seen an SD message sent with an ED message response. It would not be expected protocol to get an SD ACK where the cmd2 field has the response to the original SD message and have that followed by an ED message from the responding device. Can’t say that the EZFlora does not do that for sure but it would be a very unusual sequence. I would make the outbound 0x45 command an ED message and see if that generates an ED response. ED messages are so unusual for I1 devices that they are not even repeated by the general I1 device population. That is one of the reasons why folks who are starting to use I2 devices are seeing high quality SD communication with less reliable ED communication because the majority of installed I1 devices do not repeat ED messages. Also, the older SignaLinc RF powerline couplers do not process ED messages. I’m not even sure the PLC will send an ED message let alone handle an ED response. The PLC is the original powerline interface device that has been around forever.

My guess is that you will have to issue an SD Peek command for each Timer Bank value you want to retrieve. The SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite uses individual SD Peek commands to retrieve the Timer Bank values, one byte at a time. There is a memory map chart on the right side of the EZFlora INSTEON Messages/Commands document that shows where the Timer Bank bytes are stored.

EDIT: a check of the PLM/PLC comparison chart on the Smarthome web site confirms that the PLC does not support ED messages.

EDIT2: the following is the command trace from the SHN Utility reading Program 1 Timer values. The MSB 0x28 command establishes the Most Significant Byte address followed by Peek 0x2B commands reading locations 0008-000F.

1 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:28 cmd2:0
2 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:8
3 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:9
4 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:A
5 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:B
6 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:C
7 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:D
8 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:E
9 To ID:0d.fc.71 flags:0F cmd1:2B cmd2:F