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Did the LED on the EZFlora and the RemoteLinc respond as expected for each of the earlier steps? That is, you were able to create the link between the RemoteLinc button 2 (?) and the EZFlora, indicate which EZFlora zone is to be controlled by the new link with the number of EZFlora Set button taps, these steps worked as described in the quick start guide for the RemoteLinc and the EZFlora, but the final step to take the EZFlora out of linking mode did not work?

The RemoteLinc can be a little tricky at times because it stops listening after 4 minutes to preserve the battery but if the first steps in the link process worked, the RemoteLinc has the link back to the EZflora by the time you get to the last step in the EZFlora setup. I’m wondering if something in the earlier steps actually did not respond as expected and EZFlora is not ready to be taken out of iink mode, or perhaps was already taken out of link mode by an earlier step.