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The new diagram looks okay. The GND connection on the EZIO2X4 is the low voltage side of the device. It is used in conjunction with the 4 EZIO2X4 Inputs to control the Input states. The R1_A and R1_B function just as pin 3 and 5 do on the DPDT relay. When EZIO2X4 relay 1 is energized, R1_A and R1_B are connected together, just as pin 3 and 5 are connected together when the DPDT relay is energized.

There is one last item. Once the wall plug is connected, there will be power to the motor up or motor down. I think it would be a good idea to have a manual switch that turns off power to the wall plug which ultimately supplies power to the motor. What is labeled wall plug hot should go through a standard 120v on/off wall switch. You can always pull the plug but my concern is the “plug” is going to be in the ceiling where access will be difficult to impossible to reach in an emergency.