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Thanks for all your assistance so far. unfortunately, I’m still having problems. I followed your advice and picked up the DPDT Relay from Radio Shack. I built the following “circuit”. It seems simple enough, maybe I’m making a silly mistake. Here’s what it’s doing…

Thank you![attachment=0:1vu691v6]screen control.jpg[/attachment:1vu691v6]

With absolutely nothing attached to the EZIO2x4 I’m able to easily program it from the KeyPadLinc. I’ve tried programming just one or the other relay or both. I’m not doing anything fancy at this point, just going with the default single button toggle functionality. Before attaching it to the 275-217 DPDT relay it gives an audible on and off click. I’ve got the EZIO plugged in via a short extension cord up in the screen box.

As soon as I plug in the the cord (I just got an old computer power cable) for the 275-217 the screen goes up (if its already down)… and the EZIO2x4 stops responding to the KeyPadLinc. ?!?

I’ve tried programming it with nothing else attached, with just the ground attached, with some of the wires attached but no power from the wall/275-217, and all the wires attached from the 275-217 but no power, etc. I can’t figure it out. As soon as I attach anything to it, it looses the ability to communicate with the KeyPadLinc.

In the mean-time I’ve confirmed that I can put the screen up and down by disconnecting the power from the 275-271, leaving the EZIO2x4 powered), swapping the red and black wires from the motor into the 275-217 and then plugging it back in. So from this I’ve concluded that with everything connected the EZIO2x4 is providing the 275-217 with power to the NC (normally closed) state.

I’m at a loss, can you provide any more insight or suggestions?