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Get the EZIO2X4 back into the working configuration where the KPL buttons energize the output relays and the output timers have the delay you want. As you say, you can hear the click of the relays. Once the links and timers are established, move the EZIO2X4 to the intended working location and confirm either by hearing the relay clicks or with a meter that the relays are still operating as expected. Do this without connecting the screen motor to the relays. It sounds like you may be losing relay control when you move the plug point of the EZIO2X4. This would most likely be a coupling problem between the 120v legs. The KPL is on one of the 120v legs and the final EZIO2X4 plug point is on the other 120v leg. Do the KPL button LEDs blink when pressed when the EZIO2X4 is plugged into its final location (without the motor connected). A blinking KPL button LED indicates the responder device is not receiving the commands from the KPL. What type of phase coupling are you using? Only when you have the positive control of the EZIO2X4 relays in its final install location should you connect the load to the relays. The other possibility is there are devices on that circuit which are generating noise or attenuating the Insteon signal. Each relay is nothing more than a switch. The current rating has to do with how much current the relay contact points can carry without being damaged over time. If the motor does not operate as expected when you have determined you have positive control of the relays, then you look at how the motor is wired/controlled. Perhaps it cannot be controlled the way you are attempting with two relays.