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Ok, I’m now pretty certain that I’m able to successfully set the timers as intended since I can hear the relay click again after 3 seconds.

What I’ve realized though is that while I can successfully program the KeyPadLinc to control the EZIO2x4 without the 4-wire motor attached to the relay ports… I cannot seem to do it when it is. I think I got relay 1 responding once this way but it did nothing for the screen but couldn’t get relay 2 responding.

I’ve now factory reset the EZIO2x4 without the 4-wire motor attached, established a link between the A and B buttons on the KeyPadLinc and the Relays 1 and 2 on the EZIO2x4. I’ve been doing this in an outlet near the wall switch and not near the screen (not sure if that would matter). I then unplug, attach the 4-wire motor wires and move the EZIO2x4 to the outlet in the hole for the screen. At this point I seem to loose control from the KeyPadLinc… when I attempt to re-establish the links again with everything wired in I can’t. I then unplug the EZIO2x4, detach the 4-wire motor wires and perform the rest procedure as I plug it… then start over.

I just tried the reset and test connections with the EZIO2x4 up in the whole for the screen and it worked, though I had trouble and had to try twice to make the connection with relay 1.

I’m thinking that either the EZIO doesn’t have enough amps to drive the 4-wire or I don’t understand the purpose of the 4-wire motor wires. Argh, I want to see the screen move!