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The EZIO2X4 has two independently controllable relays, with COM/NO contacts rated at .5A 120V AC resistive load. The EZIO2X4 has a built in timer associated with each relay that can be configured to turn the relay off after 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, etc up to several minutes. Activating the timer and setting an interval in the 2 to 3 second range simulates pressing a momentary push button. I have my 2X4 relays connected in parallel with my garage door opener controls, with timer values of 3 seconds, with each relay activated by a press of a KeypadLinc button to open/close my garage doors. Setting the relay timers requires the use of the SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite (free PC based software download) which in turn requires a Smarthome PLC or SimpleHomeNet EZBridge or EZSrve to communicate with the powerline.

Any KeypadLinc in 6 button or 8 button mode can be used to activate the EZIO2X4 relays.

I would make sure the load you are thinking about controlling with the EZIO2X4 relays does not exceed their rated capacity. It that is not an issue than be sure you have or plan on purchasing what you need to run the SHN Utility so that the relay timer values can be configured. You can manually control the relays on/off cycle by use of the KeypadLinc buttons ( press KPL button to turn relay on, press KPL button again to turn relay off) if that is sufficient control of the load/device you plan to control.