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Regarding the links from your earlier post ……

Also…my EZServe is listed as controlling all 5 of my devices (4 lights and ezrain).

All say “Controller of on Unit 01 – Data:00-00-00”

All device entries are listed as following:

Responder to 09.39.03 on Unit 01 – Data:FE-1B-00 (diff. data for each though)
Responder to EZServe on Unit 01 – Data:FE-1B-00

You don’t mention what the EZBridge has but the post says the EZSrve is listed as controlling all 5 devices. All device entries are listed as “Responder to”.

Nothing wrong with those links as far as allowing the EZSrve to control the responder devices. Since EZSrve is controlling those devices the device status change originates at the EZSrve and all is well.

What I thought you were looking for was when you press an On or Off paddle on the switch itself, EZSrve device status is not updated. For the SwitchLinc to send a Group message to EZSrve, the SwitchLinc device must have a “Controller of” link record that points to EZSrve, and EZSrve must have a “Responder to” link record containing the SwitchLinc address. Now when the On or Off paddle is pressed, the SwitchLinc will send a Group message to EZSrve which EZSrve will receive and process because it has a “Responder to” link record. I think this will update the device status.

I don’t know if there is a different processor (or the same processor being clocked at a different speed). I have both an EZSrve and an EZBridge and see no visible difference in response speeds.

I just tested the theory about the Device View/Control screen being updated if the device had a Controller of link and the EZSrve had a Responder to link record. Does not work. It is documented that X10 device status is not updated on that screen. Looks like Insteon devices are not either. You will have to click on the REFRESH button to get the current status.

EDIT: if you want a Macro to trigger from a SwitchLinc paddle press you will need the link records I described above.