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In prior post when I mention “installing rf repeaters”. They were already installed and plugged in when I got EZSrve back…I was reinstalling them trying to put one on each floor…which didn’t work.

After doing this (they had to be on same floor/circuit?) I can now auto-add all name/device tuples with no problem…it can even find my ezflora. This is the EXACT same setup/location I had before re-pairing the 2 rf repeaters earlier. Yet then I couldn’t find 3 devices.

Not sure what’s happening here. Did I need to re-pair the rf repeaters because of my reflashed ezbridge?

Still seeing major hanging in webserver and I’ve moved it from wiring closet to my office. Some questions still if you may (I thank you for your current help greatly):

1. Often after adding new device or doing scan ui/browser will hang loading an image file. Perhaps my unit is bad.

2. Should auto-refresh pick up light state changes or do I need to hit explicit “refresh” button.

3. Is the reflashed ezbridge any slower for webui than single dongle unit you make?

Also…my EZServe is listed as controlling all 5 of my devices (4 lights and ezrain).

All say “Controller of on Unit 01 – Data:00-00-00”

All device entries are listed as following:

Responder to 09.39.03 on Unit 01 – Data:FE-1B-00 (diff. data for each though)
Responder to EZServe on Unit 01 – Data:FE-1B-00

Additionally my one light because it is paired to a keypad shows an additional responder entry to that keypad address.

I think links are correct?