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I need to understand the underlying PLM technology better. Can you point me to an ‘approved’ link which discusses underlying plm better. Often I tried to enter insteon device addresses (ezrain, lights) and some respond with database some don’t. Most insteon instructions don’t go deeply into an area which they completely piggy back ontop of.

I have a 2 story house and tried to install the rf repeaters on 1st and 2nd floor…but they never got in sync and I had to install them both on same floor. Do I need to buy another 2 and install them on other floor which I guess is on separate circuit?

I am running EzBridge in my wiring closet…It will be tough if I end up having to buy ‘n’ powerlincs. I will start unplugging devices and I guess I can assume I need at least one of these for my quadcore computer which is in there too. I have 8 computers in my home and 20 devices in the wiring closet, I hope I’m not into another round of $$$. I’m already >$500 into insteon equipment…I can’t afford much more before looking at different technologies which would be even more painful.

What about modern fridge? Hair driers? How many powerlincs to people typically have to buy to clean up their powerline?

I’m running Firefox 3.0.7 and IE 7…both exhibit same problems. In fact I think my newly flashed EzBridge may be doa. It’s not even returning have the page elements yet I have full internet connectivity in other apps.

I’ve never had anything like the EzSrve to display notification of events, but I’ve never had any reliability issues with my insteon network until getting my ezbridge back (not saying there’s a correlation just yet, but…). I’ve never had commands not responded to or lights turning on/off at random (like w/x10).