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What were you using before where you had single button control of a Zone?

Create a Scene for each Zone you want to control individually. The EZSrve/EZBridge will be the Controller and one of the Zones would be the responder. Assign each Scene to an Area dedicated to Zone control (or as part of an existing Area if that makes more sense). Now the Scenes controlling the Zones will display under the Device View/Control screen when the Area containing the Zone Scenes is selected. Each Scene (Zone) can be selected and controlled using the On/Off Icons. I don’t have an EZFlora but the EZIO2X4 outputs work the same. I created a Scene where my EZSrve is the Controller and the EZIO2X4 output relay 1 is the responder. I select the Scene and use the On and Off Icons on the Device View/Control screen to manually turn On/Off relay 1.